Outsourced Services

Our highly experienced RPO specialists bring pace, efficiency and cost-effectiveness to the recruitment process. We can design a strategy and help you implement it yourself, or embed a fully operational team with you onsite – either way, it will transform the way you attract, integrate and retain top talent.

With a proven track record partnering HR Directors of global billion-dollar organisations, we’ve developed some highly effective methods. Our services include brand enhancement, resource planning and onboarding strategies to create a joined-up experience for candidates that guides them seamlessly from initial contact to first day. Helping you project a professional and consistent image during the recruitment process doesn’t just attract the right people; it also boosts your profile as an employer.

When it comes to finding talent, we recognise the importance of ‘fit’ as well as quality. Our experience and contacts help us keep agency spend to a minimum, and our well-oiled processes speed up time to hire.

Outsourced Services


We are a leading RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) provider with experienced teams embedded at blue chip client sites throughout the UK and in France. Our on-site teams are fully integrated with the client organisation, receiving dedicated resourcing support from our head office to fulfil recruitment requirements and deliver cost and process efficiencies.

High Volume Recruitment

Our approach to volume recruitment is values-led and service driven, with technology as the enabler not the driver. Using robust selection processes, consistent and clear selection criteria and strong candidate engagement and communication we deliver quality, compatible candidates for the long term.

Managed Services

We manage the complete labour hiring process for contractors and temporary staff, saving our clients’ time, money and resource.

Resource Planning

A key but often forgotten element of the recruitment process is robust resource and workforce planning. By ensuring that this is integral to the overall resourcing strategy, we help our clients develop the most innovative and effective sourcing plans for their business.


Taking a strong employer brand and projecting it in a planned and targeted way, is the key to attracting the best talent in the marketplace. By working closely with our clients’ marketing, communications and HR teams, we create highly effective attraction strategies that transform hiring results.


Selecting candidates contains a significant element of risk. An inadequate selection approach can lead to spiralling costs and damage productivity and reputation. By building simple but effective selection strategies, risk can be limited without over complicating the process. We manage the complete assessment and selection process, including large scale projects such as the establishment of a new distribution centre employing 1,000 people.


A consistent and robust onboarding process is essential for embedding an organisation’s values, maintaining engagement and ensuring new starters are productive from day one. We work closely with our clients to develop high quality, individually focused onboarding programmes that provide the best possible introduction through consistent core processes, messaging and supporting administration.

Employer Branding

We work with clients to maximise their corporate and employer brand. By creating and implementing an attraction strategy that incorporates a strong brand identity, organisations can transform the effectiveness of recruitment campaigns and dramatically enhance direct hiring capability.