Executive Search

Independent’s unique Executive Search service delivers more than just exceptional candidates for senior roles. We work on behalf of our clients to build strong talent pipelines that ensure continuity of leadership and the success of long-term objectives.

Our approach is strategic. We begin by helping you assess what talent can be developed internally and where you have gaps in relation to your growth plans. We’ll then conduct detailed research in the marketplace to identify possible talent sources – a process we call talent mapping. As a by-product of this, you’ll gain invaluable market knowledge about what your competitors are doing and where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Having identified potential candidates, we use intelligent networking to build long-term relationships that will be of benefit to your future talent requirements. This forward-thinking, considered approach means we’re able to ensure the best possible ‘fit’ between candidates and companies, as well as keeping key individuals engaged and ready to make an immediate contribution when the time comes.

So confident are we of the success of our methods that we’ve implemented a ‘shared-risk’ approach to Executive Search billing, whereby the majority of our fee is only paid when key roles are filled and all parties are happy.

For leading organisations succession planning is a necessity, not a luxury. Talk to us to ensure you have the pick of the best talent where and when you need it.