Senior team

Harry Dunlevy
Managing Director

Harry is a Human Resources specialist with expertise in delivering organisational and cultural change in challenging environments on an international scale.

With almost 40 years' experience, Harry has held HR Director roles at BMW/Rover, Northern Foods, Tube Lines and EMI Music. Harry joined Independent in 2007.

Phil Clarke

Phil is a resourcing and talent management specialist with a track record of implementing highly successful resourcing models in major international organisations.

With over 17 years' industry experience, Phil has previously held head of recruitment roles at Nortel Networks and GEC Marconi. Phil launched Independent in 2004.

Rob Meakin

One of the UK's most experienced HR Directors, Rob has held senior HR positions and board member roles at Rover Group, BAe Group GEC Marconi, ITV and British Nuclear Group. He is currently a member of the Advisory Board charged with establishing the HSE's Nuclear Directorate.

Rob has also held a number of public positions including Chairman of the DTI's Education and Training Exports Group and is a Board member for Young Enterprise. Rob joined Independent in 2009 as Chairman and Non-Executive Director.